WiFi en los coches? La industria automotriz no me entiende

cadillac que

One of the luxuries I do enjoy in life is a beautiful car. I don’t go on expensive vacations, I live in a blue-collar neighborhood, and I don’t have expensive hobbies… so my car is my treat to myself. I drive a ton of miles every year and enjoy driving to any destination within a couple days drive.

My car has 3 HD screens built in – one touch screen in the console and one on the back of each of the front seats. In the last 3 years, I believe I’ve only used one of the screens in the back seat once… when my daughter sat in the back seat on a trip. The car has a DVD player, audio/video hookup in the back seat, satellite radio and OnStar. There’s a maps platform that’s built into the console.

In my front seat on those trips is my iPad and my iPhone with necessary chargers and USB connection to my car’s audio system. In the back seat, I have my laptop. Bluetooth connects my phone to the system.

  • Tan pronto como terminó el juicio por radio por satelite, Lo dejo ir. La radio iTunes y la música de mi iPhone proporcionan una calidad mucho más rica a través de la conexión USB a través del sistema de sonido envolvente Bose en el automóvil.
  • Al plataforma de mapas requires an upgrade via DVD each year that costs over $100 to keep the maps up to date. I don’t use them because I use Google Maps and all of my contact info, Internet search, and my calendar is totally integrated.
  • El auto vino con su propio número de teléfono that I never activated… it’s why I have a smartphone and use the Bluetooth connecivity (it works perfectly).
  • El coche tiene un disco duro interno de 40 Gb al que puedo transferir música por USB, CD o DVD ... pero no a través de mi teléfono inteligente. Así que tengo cargados algunos CD al azar que nunca escucho.
  • My Suscripción OnStar is ending soon and I’m thinking seriously about not signing up for ongoing service. I just don’t use it… for anything.

Since iOS updated, I’ve had off and on issues with my phone not getting recognized with the car. The car doesn’t have actualizaciones, un tienda de aplicaciones, ni se integra perfectamente con mi vida ... pero mi teléfono lo hace.

Ahora GM es agregar wifi en sus autos como una opción. ya haya utilizado have wifi… through hotspots on my iPhone and my iPad. The car wifi announcement has put me over the edge. Outside of the GM chairman being a Telecom guy, I just can’t figure out why they’re going down this road.

No llevo mi auto a todas partes Llevo mi teléfono a todas partes.

iPad sales and tablet sales are outselling every desktop out there. I’ve read some news that Apple is working on bringing an iOS interface to cars within the next few years. No doubt that Android could get there earlier. What I can’t understand is why the auto industry is trying to somehow work in parallel when all the technology exists already in the palm of my hand.

Mi teléfono no es un accesorio para mi automóvil.

I want a dashboard that I can slide my phone into that enables a console that displays common applications on a larger touch screen. I want the keyboard disabled unless the car is at a stop. I shouldn’t even be able to remove the phone unless I’m in park. Get rid of the backscreens and install universal brackets for tablets. Let my passengers plugin their phone or tablet, listen to their own music, or connect through an App to my car to extend my screen (sort of like AirPlay for AppleTV). Let me play my passenger’s music or my music.

Mi auto es un accesorio para mi teléfono.

Quiero controlar, actualizar, comprar aplicaciones, escuchar música, acceder a mapas o compartir mi pantalla en mis dispositivos… not my car’s platform. I don’t want to pay for new data plans, new phone plans, new music plans, new map data… when I already pay for that on my smartphones and tablets.

The only thing I may opt into is an OnStar or other satellite data connection that I would pay for as a backup in the event that I’m out of cell range of my carrier. Additionally, a reserve battery for plugging in my device if the car is in an accident and power is unavailable would be something worth paying for.

Car manufacturers shouldn’t be working on operating systems and wifi connectivity, they should be working to bring the car’s experience to applications on my phone… and then a system that plugs the car into my phone.

Nota: la foto es de Cadillac y es su sistema CUE.

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    Como suele ser el caso, estoy de acuerdo con usted al 100% en este artículo. Revisión y expresión absolutamente brillante de lo que realmente debería estar pensando la industria del automóvil.

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