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google ReaderIt’s way too late and I should really be asleep. But I’m not. I blame it on Google. I was checking out some links that were referencing my blog in Google Analytics and came across:

I decided to see what the link was so I threw it in my address bar. I’m glad I did! Google has built a slick little web-based feedreader. I put all my subscriptions in there to all the blogs I check out daily. Google does the rest. It keeps track of which entries I’ve read and which ones that I haven’t. It also allows me to label my feeds. This is more of a categorization system for your feeds. You can also throw a star on entries that you really like.

Un lector de feeds basado en la web es genial para mí, ya que leo tanto en el trabajo como en casa. Está bien, no está mal. No es nada demasiado impresionante, dices ...
But then I clicked “Share”. Too sweet!!! With a little javascript magic, I now have my Top Ten on my sidebar (look to the right). As I indicate posts I’ve read with a ‘Star’, they will show up automatically on my Top Ten! That is just too cool.

I picked up Freakonomics and The Long Tail today but haven’t got started on them. I’ll be on them tomorrow!

G’night everyone!

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