Así es como no se quema con el marketing de influencers

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We’ve written before about the traps of influence marketing. As one who is compensated from time to time as an influencia, I’m skeptical of how many influence marketing relationships are setup.

Por ejemplo, a principios de este año me invitaron a la Fábrica de ladrillos porque soy un local influencia en las redes sociales. Hubo un montón de personas invitadas desde las redes sociales, todas con puntuaciones altas en un motor de puntuación de influencia popular para Indianápolis. The track provided parking passes and suite tickets and went all out with the event. I didn’t actually go – I had a conflict at the last minute.

One of my friends did go and he joked how, at one point, a famous driver walked by them and no one even realized it… they had to ask who he was before they threw some photos out on social media. What a bust! The influence campaign missed on all cylinders (get it?) and I actually tried contacting the track the moment I was invited to make sure they didn’t waste their money. No one ever called me back. I was even at an event where I requested some time with a key person that’s helping promote the track… he brushed me off, too.

Hay 3 elementos específicos de un éxito estrategia de marketing influyente y esta campaña los perdió todos:

  1. ¿Tiene el audiencia de la coincidencia de influencers the audience you’re trying to reach? The track would have been far better off inviting people with 100 followers interested in racing than with me who has 30k followers of which I have no idea if any care about racing because I never talk about racing.
  2. ¿Hubo un historia para que el influencer la comparta with their audience that would resonate? Showing up, eating free food, drinking beer, and going to the track for free isn’t a story. It would have been phenomenal to have the track speak about the family connection, the history, the drivers, the technology… anything but beer pics.
  3. ¿Hubo un llamada a la acción para medir el impacto of the campaign? Okay, so there may have been a spike in share-of-voice that day because all these social influencers talked about the Brickyard. Haha! I’m totally kidding – there was NO spike because there were already hundreds of thousands of real fans talking about the race! These influencers didn’t change anything.

If the goal was to get people from outside the typical fan to the track, it didn’t help. I didn’t hear a story that was compelling…. in fact I heard NO story outside of my buddy who laughed about getting a free ticket. The stories that needed told should have aligned with estrategias que se relacionan con nuestra decisión de realizar una compra.

Se podría haber hecho mucho más para responsabilizar a las personas que visitaron allí. Tal vez un panfleto sobre la próxima conferencia social en la pista, tal vez un código de descuento para compartir con la gente sobre la pista, tal vez una lista de tweets, actualizaciones y fotografías que se coordinaron para interactuar con los usuarios sobre las historias sobre por qué deberían ir. a la pista, qué eventos se avecinan a continuación y dónde comprar boletos.

If you’re going to pay or give away something to influencers, be sure that it’s going to work for you! I’m not opposed to influencer marketing at all, it’s just that it’s not easy as looking up influencers on some site and throwing them all some free tickets. This could have been so much better!

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