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If you’ve been a long-time reader of my blog, you’ve probably noticed some changes of recent. I’ve been soliciting the assistance of new bloggers and transforming the blog from my blog para NUESTROS blog. Today was a huge step forward with that strategy – you’ll now see that my blog has a new theme!

El impresionante diseño fue desarrollado por uno de los nuestros, Jon Arnold, presidente de Grupo Tuitive. He did a beautiful job of capturing the essence of the blog. You’ll also notice that the Página del autor es nuevo: enumera a cada uno de nuestros blogueros, así como un enlace a su página de biografía que brinda más información sobre su experiencia y negocios.

I’ll still be the primary blogger at the Blog but you’ll see each of our other bloggers posting 2 or 3 times a month. The goal is to provide our readers with a well-rounded selection of práctico marketing advice. Whether you’re a developer working on CSS issues or a CMO trying to decide the next analítica package to invest in – we’ll continue to provide useful information.

There are other Marketing blogs out there (I follow all of them!)… some are for making money online, some are for keeping up with marketing news, others are to sell conference and whitepaper information. Most are very niche or news oriented. Our goal is to be the goto blog for marketers to improve their marketing efforts and obtain a better return on investment for their efforts. We don’t want a day to go by where you don’t leave with additional information to run your business or do your job better! Period.

Sobre nuestro fotógrafo

Throughout the site, you’ll find stunning photos of our bloggers, provided by Indianapolis photographer Paul D’Andrea de PDA Photography. Paul organizó una sesión de fotos completa con nosotros y Andrew bola provided us access to a private museum within AT&T. You’ll see that all of our photos have comunicación equipo detrás de nosotros - tema muy bueno!

Martech Zone Escritores
Lorena y Jon weren’t able to make the group photo.

¿Qué viene después?

Much more to come! We’ll have a collective Events calendar (as well as our own events!), will be working closely to supply premium content to Smaller Indiana’s Marketing page, and I’m confident our own conferences and workshops will be coming soon!

Si tiene alguna solicitud o desea enviar su propio artículo, haga clic en el enviar botón!

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