Predecir el número de lectores

If I don’t have anything to write about on my blog, I usually do some browsing and find some incredible links and share those instead. If you’re taking the time to return to my site or subscribe to my feed, I want to ensure I don’t waste your time by half-assing a blog post.

Despite my efforts, some of my posts are stinkers and others get a ton of attention. After blogging for years now, it’s still impossible for me to predict my readership. I suppose it’s a lot like a defensive running back trying to predict the next play. Football teams that win usually have greater consistency and fewer fumbles. They play every down like it’s the last down. Football, they say, is a game of inches.

Winning at blogging is the same. A great offensive line can still get sacked and lose some yardage, but overall, they’ll push onwards and get the first down. I can’t predict which of my posts (football = plays) will get me into the end zone. I do know that greater consistency and less fumbles will get me there, though.

As a result, I don’t worry whether or not este La publicación será la única, solo sé que si continúo blogueando a menudo y blogueando bien, seguiré ganando lectores (fútbol = yardas). Sin embargo, la competencia es dura.

Currently I’m up against everyone on vacation, everyone’s best posts of 2008 and everyone’s predictions for 2009. The real competition is with me, though. Competition is not finding time to post. Competition is not researching a post well enough to leave you with the kernel of knowledge you came for.

Increíble foto de Brian Cassella, fotoperiodista

In 2008, the blog has about a quarter of a million visitors with close to 2,000 subscribers (email + RSS). I’ve not continued the growth on this blog that I had in the past – largely due to my competition. Changes at work didn’t allow me to put the time and effort into the blog that I should have. Of recent, I’ve been turning around those stats and am back on the upswing again.

I’m looking forward to getting a few in the end zone in 2009!

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    La mayoría de los blogs son comentarios personales espontáneos respaldados por diez minutos en los motores de búsqueda. Lo irónico no es que algunos sean buenos y otros malos, o incluso que algunos sean populares y otros no. Es de lo más curioso que vorazmente consumir y respetar contenido que es solo un poco más riguroso que una conversación casual.

    Predigo que predecir el número de lectores, así como el número de lectores, se volverá más difícil a medida que los blogs continúen creciendo en popularidad. Hasta que este fenómeno no se estabilice, podremos esperar comprender su verdadero impacto.

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