Sea lo suficientemente inteligente para encontrar las respuestas

gorra-de-beisbol.jpgEarlier this week, I posted a tweet promoting a product that was pretty cool. The application was graphically beatiful and incredibly useful… but I couldn’t actually figure out what it sí logró or cómo para usarlo sin mucho trabajo.

The company immediately tweeted back that the interface was “simple”. I replied, “thanks!”. I wasn’t going to argue with their logic. They were obviously a lot smarter than their user… a seasoned techy and geek.

Puedes llevar un caballo al agua, pero no puedes hacerlo beber.

Por supuesto, la interfaz era sencilla de de ellos. They built it! The application in question has actually been on the market, unchanged, for quite a while with very slow adoption. Hmmm… so we’ve not had rapid adoption and we’ve gotten feedback that our interface was clunky. Perhaps the two are connected?

It’s not really fair to insult a user by thinking they’re dumb. Relatively speaking, you should always assume they are dumb! I’m not saying all users are dumb… just setting a ‘frame of mind’ when thinking about your customer experience.

En mi conversación con Clint Page, promocionó las redes sociales como un recurso increíble de información del cliente, lo que le ahorra dinero y tiempo a la empresa en encuestas, grupos focales y estrategias. A sus clientes les gusta el producto y saben lo que necesitan para hacerles la vida más fácil ... y para que Dotster tenga más éxito. ¡Dotster solo tenía que sentar las bases para comenzar a escucharlos!

If you’re a technology company, the conversation is already happening about your product! You can search Twitter, prueba un Página de fans en Facebook, Utilizar Alertas de Google or simply post a blog post and solicit feedback. If your users know you are listening, they’ll provide you with the answers you need. You just have to be smart enough to find the answers.

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