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No es nada malo.

Every week, for more than a year, I’ve had a reminder from 43 things to Iniciar un negocio exitoso. That’s a tall order! Starting a business is one thing, making it successful is quite another.

I’ve had quite a bit of success with the blog and I continue to get additional engagements because of the blog. This last week, I closed 2 significant contracts, both long term with tons of opportunity for growth. In addition, I’ve partnered with a friend Stephen on taking our mapping application to market. Ironically, the income from all these endeavors is going to get invested in yet otro a tu negocio.

Presentación de Koi Systems, Llc

Esta mañana, Bill, Carla, Jason y yo contratamos los servicios de David Castor y su bufete de abogados Alerding Castor, para ayudar en el lanzamiento de Koi Systems, Llc.

David’s firm has made a unique name for itself in the Internet startup realm. Partners in SuccessTM is the byline of Alerding Castor. They’re a breath of young, fresh air in the stodgy world of business law. If you’re in the Software as a Service industry, David’s firm specializes in the following areas:

Alerding Castor


  • Licencias y tecnología
  • Internet, Software e Informática
  • Ley de Empleo
  • Formación y selección de entidades
  • Derecho Comercial Internacional
  • Redacción y negociación de contratos simples y complejos y documentos definitivos
  • Fusiones y adquisiciones
  • Acuerdo de no competencia
  • Ley de Privacidad

We’ve already invested a lot of time into our business and want to make sure we launch it properly, so this is a step in the right direction! David’s firm is well trusted in the online industry, Internet startups and Software as a Service companies.

David shared with us his excitement of working alongside entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true. We’re looking forward to launching ours!

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